Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer

Bill Kenyon 

 Business Manager directs all Business Agents; serves as the Chairman of Negotiating Committees; represents local union and membership in matters pertaining to collective bargaining agreements,wages, hours, conditions of employment and jurisdictional matters.

Financial Secretary-Treasurer receives and records all monies due to the local union; issues dues receipts to members; assumes full responsibility and liability to the local union for monies received and dispersed by the local union; forwards all reports and statements to the General Secretary-Treasurer. 



Business Agent (Houston Area)


Edward "Eddie" Gonzalez





Business Agent (Beaumont Area)

Trey Berryman

Business Agent works under the direction of the Business Manager; represents the local union in matters pertaining to collective bargaining agreements,wages, hours, conditions of employment and jurisdictional matters; serves on the Negotiating Committee; supervises the conduct and activities of members in connection with compliance of the Sheet Metal Workers' International Association Constitution and Rituals.


Robert Parsley.jpg  

 Robert Parsley

President presides over all meetings; rules on question of law, procedure and points of order; shall have the deciding vote in case of a tie; sign all orders directing payment of bills; appoints all committees appointed by the Business Manager; appoints assistants to preserve order and conduct at meetings; serves as the Chairman of the Executive Board.



Ron Richards 

Vice-President assists the President; performing the official duties in the President's absence.

Recording Secretary


Kenneth Krustchinsky Jr.

 Recording Secretary keeps correct minutes of all meetings; reads minutes at the beginning of the next meeting; reads all communications, bills and expenses received by the local union except those coming under the jurisdiction of the Financial Secretary-Treasurer; keeps correct record of all members, apprentices and applicants; signs all orders directing payment of bills; notify the General Secretary-Treasurer of any changes of officers or representatives; in the absence of the President and Vice-President the Recording Secretary shall call meetings to order and direct local union to select presiding officer Pro-Tem.

Executive Board

Assists Business Manager and Business Representatives in matters requiring immediate action between meetings; performs other duties the local union may direct.  Vote on all monies spent by the local union.


Ruben Ramirez-Executive Board



 James Dabney-Executive Board



Ronnie Fisher-Executive Board



 Tony DeMary-Executive Board 

Local Union Trustees

Local Union Trustees have supervision over all funds and property of the local union; require Financial Secretary-Treasurer to deposit all monies, certificate and securities in the name of the local union in a bank the local union may designate; examines all books and records on a quarterly basis and submit a certified report to the General Secretary-Treasurer; have authority to demand and examine all books and records of the Financial Secretary-Treasurer for the purpose of an audit at any time.

 Joseph Klotz-Trustee Position #1




Elmer Powell-Trustee Position #2




Kevin Boehm-Trustee Position #3



David Graves

Conductor examines the official receipts of all members attending meetings and reports to the President at the opening of the meeting the name of anyone who is not in good standing or ineligible to participate in the meeting.