Code of Excellence



SMWIA Code of Excellence Program
Code of Excellence Program Design Components


The code of excellence program is designed to be flexible and to be used in every local union within the SMWIA. Specific issues of concern to local union leaders and memberships can be incorporated into the Code of Excellence Program; however, the key components of the Code of Excellence Program must be consistently applied if the program is to be successful.
The key components of the Code of Excellence Program and which must remain consistent are:

  1. Commitment- The Code of Excellence Program requires a commitment by the Local Union at every level level of leadership, with membership acceptance, to abide by the responsibilities stated within the program.
  2. Business Manager- The Business Manager or his/her designee is empowered to address workplace issues with members and to communicate to employers the individual workplace needs requiring management involvement.
  3. Member Professionalism- SMWIA members have a responsibility to their union and fellow members to present themselves and represent their Local Union in a professional manner. This includes meeting employer and end-user expectations about the work we perform.
  4. Member Responsibility- It is incumbent upon each member to assist each other in meeting our Code of Excellent Standards.
  5. Consequences- Members must clearly understand the consequences if we fail to meet the customer’s needs. Our ability as a Union to ensure good wages and working conditions is directly related to our ability to perform.



SMWIA Code of Excellence Program
Implementation of The Code of Excellence


The Code of Excellence Program is an internal SMWIA program. Therefore, implementation of the program shall be accomplished at the Local Union level using the following steps:

  1. Presentation to all Local Union Leadership- The program shall be presented by an SMWIA International Representative to the officers and leaders of the Local Union.
  2. Adoption by Officers- Local Union officers and leadership shall discuss the provisions of the program and develop necessary local provisions for inclusion into the document. After adoption by the Officers, the Local Union leadership then commits through a recommendation by the Local Union Executive Board that implementation of the Code of Excellent Program be adopted by the full membership.
  3. Adoption by Membership- Following adoption by Local Union leadership, the program is presented to Local Union membership for adoption.
  4. Local Officers and Leadership Training- Upon request of the Local Union, the International will assist in training Local Union leadership on the goals and implementation of the program.
  5. Presentation to Local Union Membership- Presentations will be provided to the membership by the Local Union with assistance from the International. Through this process the expectations necessary to achieve the acceptable level of professionalism and productivity for each SMWIA member will be discussed and defined.
  6. Presentation to Employer-  Once the Local Union adopts the Code of Excellence Program, the Business Manager or his/her designee presents the program to the Employer.